5 Interesting Trends Affecting Recreational Boating

The boating industry is an exciting sector that is constantly seeing innovations and new trends on the rise. From increasingly innovative tech being implemented into boats, to more straight-forward aesthetics trends, below are five trends to watch out for during 2020 and throughout 2021.

Increasingly innovative technology

The world is constantly getting enhanced and improved with technological developments, and boats are no exception. Digital display touch-screens are fast becoming the norm for control centres aboard boats, along with digital anchoring allowing sailors to automate steering and GPS locations and digital throttles which act in a similar way to fly-by-wire technology found on planes. While digital dashboards have been around for quite some time, 2021 will only continue with this innovation, so expect to see more and more originally analogue systems being optimised and integrated into digital dashboards.

Pontoon popularity

Pontoons are becoming a popular choice of boat. Pontoons are flat boats that are popular for those that desire large spaces for entertainment or luxury. Not only that, but pontoons are fast becoming engineered designed for wake-sports, something which water-sports should keep an eye on. With many entertainment events being hosted out at sea, expect to see more and more pontoons entering and leaving Australian harbours, and expect to see more and more marine services offering them for hire.

Luxury and aesthetics

Boats are often seen as a symbol of luxury, and it comes as no surprise that the boating industry continues to innovate in the areas of comfort and style. A growing trend for boat-owners is to renovate their interiors, like interior decorators on-shore, creating a unique and signature look for their vessel. Rope LED lighting has seen a significant rise in popularity, not only for its stylish look but also since it often runs cheaper than normal lighting.

Reversible seating options

One interesting technological aspect of luxurious innovations in the boating sector right now is reversible seating aboard boards. This innovative solution means that owners can now create space on the fly, optimise their seating for the best view or fishing spot or even to simply pull up along-side the captain. You can expect to see this trend continue, as on land designers are also increasingly making use of space in creative and innovative ways.

 More powerful outboard engines

Outboard engines are constantly seeing improvements to their horsepower. An increase in horsepower means an increase in speed, performance and power. Despite this, engines have continued to become smaller, more efficient and even less noisy. Expect to see many boats in 2021 easily surpassing 300 horsepower.

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